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Ion could save your life!

This is not an expose on the anatomical posterior of the humanoid. But ION Stabilized Oxygen may be one life and health saving technique for your future storage……for years to come.

Ion is recognized by 13 National Health Organizations as an effective disinfectant in the purification of drinking water. It kills Salmonelia, Cholera, E. Coli, Streptococcus, Pseudo-monad, Staphyloccus Coliform and Giardia Lambia.  In fact research has not found an anaerobic or pathgenic bacteria ION does not kill.

Do not be mislead by claims of similar products.  They are not the original and contain oxygen molecules with both a positive and negative charge. More....


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What are ION Drops?
ION stands for Ions of Oxygen with a Negative only charge.  Ion drops are a high concentration of oxygen in the molecular form.  More....

Water Purfication
It is the negative charge of the ION oxygen molecule that attracts and steals away the positive charge of any and all anaerobic bacteria in the water, thus killing it. More....

Directions for the usage of Ion Drops
ION is a non-toxic solution of stabilized electrolytes of oxygen.  the greatest value of ION is that it kills disease, infections and putrefying anaerobic bacteria while stimulating the growth and development of normal beneficial bacteria.  It is stable and does not dissipate in water or other liquids, except in lemon juice. It has an indefinite shelf life, even after being opened. More....